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Lauren W. Anderson (Theming & Design) -
Lauren has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial, hospitality, and gaming design. His background includes 3 years as an instructor in design at the California State University in Long Beach.

After this he entered the private sector as a professional in architectural and industrial design. While working for the past several years in the gaming industry, Lauren showed that all the years of his art and design training were well invested. He has produced an incredible volume of original and high quality designs for every aspect of the gaming industry, including:  slot machine, table game designs, slot signage, themed gaming, public areas and themed design of entire casinos.

His teaching ability has given him the ability to coordinate a design department as well as to continually assist his staff to improve their skills and productivity. Lauren Anderson brings the heart of our production ability in terms of design drawings, conceptual renderings, and working drawings. His originality, high energy level, and ability to produce high volumes of quality work in a short time period have earned him the reputation as being one of the best in the industry.
Contact LA Design at: www.ladesign2.com

Bill Litchfield (Development & Construction) -
The Litchfield Development Company was formed in mid-2000 as a logical extension of Bill Litchfield Construction, Inc.

In 1999, Bill Litchfield Construction and Lauren Anderson/Design formed a working relationship in shared offices. Today our Design/Build team consists of Bill Litchfield Construction, inc.; Lauren Anderson Design; and Graphic Focus.

This allows us to offer our clients a complete range of services, everything from design and build to corporate imaging and identity. (We can build your building and give you logos, business cards, stationery, and a corporate image to match!) We can take our clients from concept through approvals through turn-key ownership, assisted by our ability to create artist renderings, 3D renderings, computer-guided walk-throughs and videos, in order that our clients have the very best visual presentations of their project.

We are expert at guiding clients through the confusing maze of governmental approvals and requirements, having established very cordial working relationships during twenty-four years of design/build service.

With over fifty-one combined years of design and construction expertise, The Litchfield Development Company is uniquely poised to offer a full-service experience for any project you have in mind.
Contact Bill Litchfield at: www.billlitchfield.com

Ken Brisken (Graphics, Illustrator & AutoCAD) -
Ken Brisken has worked as a technical illustrator and graphic artist for ten years. He started in technical engineering documentation. He also created 3-D presentation illustrations for trade show exhibitions. The 3-D drawings were then converted to CAD production shop drawings and documentation for assembly procedures.

Ken has been working with Lauren Anderson Design for six years and has been part of the production team as AutoCAD drafter for commercial design and construction, interior design, and casinos. He has also worked closely with Lauren in creating original commercial advertising, corporate graphics, and corporate and commercial signage.

“I like working with Lauren in that he challenges me to take the graphics medium places I didn’t know could be done. To become more accomplished technically meant learning 3-D Studio, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In-Design, and Corel Draw. We also do many revisions which, besides driving me crazy, also guarantees that the finished product is original and flawless. There is a playful quality to Lauren’s architectural and graphic designs which not only relieves much of the stress from production but is also reflected in the liveliness of the finished product.”
Contact Ken Brisken c/o LA Design at: www.ladesign2.com

Dwight Branco (Web Design & Web Maintenance) -
Dwight Branco is an IT professional who has worked for more than 15 years providing 1st & 2nd level technical support to IBM’s domestic and World Wide Global Services Configurator development teams.

Dwight helped Lauren Anderson start the Builders’ Resource Center in Grass Valley, CA several years ago, providing LAN & PC computer support, office management services and also worked with Ken Brisken on the development of the BRC Website.

In recent years Dwight has turned his focus to Website design and maintenance. He developed his own Website called: “dbwebmaint.com” and also continues to work with several bay area businesses on various web maintenance and management projects.

“I’m very happy to once again be working with Lauren and his LA Design team. All of the team member portfolios and resumes speak for themselves, as they’re all at the top of their professions.
I look forward to the exciting challenges ahead and know that we will all take pride in developing Great projects in the future.”
Contact Dwight Branco at: www.dbwebmaint.com